As you may have read from my previous posts, I'm quite a freak for to-do lists. They help keep me on track for the day and a structured routine that I'm always so desperately seeking.

I always start out with the three things I do every day, regardless of whether or not it's on a list:

  • Bed (which means make the bed)

  • Meds (take my meds)

  • Dishes (do the dishes)

I know, these are quite straightforward and can without a doubt be left out of a to-do list but I find that having simple tasks that I can very easily check off really helps with motivating me to carry on with the rest of my tasks for the day in order to gain the satisfaction of checking of an item on my list.

Here is the list pad that I use every day to build my lists (this is not my favorite one that I have used but it still works). It's from Anthropologie and it's $14!

Scheduled Events

I'll write out any scheduled events out with their beginning time and their end time if that's available. Such as a barre or pilates class. It really adds another element to how I'm going to spend my time. I'm definitely someone who likes to allocate a lot of time for transportation because living in Seattle means you've gotta be ready for all kinds of things like weather, traffic, and parking so it's always better to be early than sorry in my book!

Important Tasks

I'll also throw in some important tasks into my lists as well such as reminders to get groceries, take out the trash, check the mail, pay rent and utilities, mail in a ballot, so on and so forth. Just things that should be considered the to be quite time sensitive.

School Work

Typically, I'll add a couple of assignments or readings on each day's to-do list to not overwhelm myself. These readings and assignments are probably not due on the same day, not usually but there are some exceptions. That way if I don't happen to do it on a particular day, I can just move that assignment or reading onto the next day's list and I'll still (hopefully) have enough time to get to it without having to scramble to finish it last minute.

For Jam-Packed Days

On those days are that are just quite a doozy, I'll get a little crazy and make a to-do list within a to-do list. The overall list will highlight what I've got to get done for the day and smaller lists are centered around for what I've got to do. The smaller lists are typically written on sticky notes as the contents of the list aren't as long as the overall list (which I make on an actual list pad).