I originally started blogging as a creative outlet. I felt like I wanted to find a new way to express my creativity and this was something I have never tried before. Admittedly, I gave up a couple times. You can see this if you go through my blog posts and see the time gaps between my posts. With blogging, I had the creativity to design my own website as well and call all the shots about what I choose to have on my blog to represent who I am as a person.

That's why I started blogging. The reason I stayed blogging is because I wanted to offer a fresh perspective on topics I haven't seen before (or topics I haven't seen a lot of people try to tackle). Topics such as the Fetishization of Asian Women, Colorism in the Thai Community, or my Mental Health journey. Growing up, there was most definitely a lack of Asian representation in the media. I want to be something that is able to reach out to someone in my position as a 10 year old who is looking for a role model and let them know that there is someone who is going through what they may be going through at this exact moment and they made it to the other side. Even if it's one person. That's one person who knows they aren't alone.

I want to continue to push myself and explore new topics that I wouldn't have even considered if I weren't blogging. I find myself only knowing very basic information about many things on a superficial level but if it's a topic that I choose to tackle is a blog post, I'll do extra research on it. So I'm also learning a lot when I blog. I really love to learn. I don't necessarily like school but I love learning. There's so much to learn!

Blogging also adds some sort of structure to my life. The weekly posts adds something to look forward to every week and to be responsible for. I really like responsibility. Having to be responsible for something puts the pressure on me to be accountable for my actions. If I don't meet a blogging deadline, that's on me, and me alone. There's absolutely no one to blame for that. I'm growing as a person through blogging (yes, I know how cliche that sounds).

I want to thank you all for following me and taking time out of your busy days to read my writing, even if it's just a paragraph. The fact that you made an effort means more to me than you know. I hope to remain consistent in my writing and to continue growing.