"Asian women aren't your Oriental, submissive, China dolls."

First things first: I am not saying Asian women are “more oppressed” than any other woman of color. All non-white women face similar issues; face these issues because they are not white. Personally, it seems like Asian women are sexualized, dehumanized and fetishized and it's seen as a norm. It is no competition; there is not a doubt in my mind that this issue is apparent for all WOC but I haven't really seen many things focusing on us Asians. Plus, I have no place speaking on their issues anyway because I’ve not been through their specific experiences. I won’t attempt to speak on any other WOC’s plight and risk interpretation or invading their spaces.

If you've heard of "yellow fever" before or are guilty of having it yourself, why do you think that is? For those that don't know what it is, "yellow fever" is a romanticized reference to the entire Asian race as docile, accommodating sexual beings. Yellow fever is more of a social disease. Yellow fever is the objectification and exotification of Asian women and men, it is essentially derived from how Asian women were portrayed in history. Traditionally Asian women are solely dedicated to serving men feeding the dehumanizing fetish, this was because Asian culture traditionally bred women into subordinate roles, which bred and fed the fetishes we face. This dehumanizing mindset is further perpetuated by What's even worse is how the sex industry; they sell the appeal of Asian women through "the fantasy of the exotic, indulging, decadent, sensual Oriental who will indulge you and delight you with the decadence and servility that no women in your own culture could", which was said by Sheridan Prasso, a writer, and Asian specialist. The way history portrayed Asian women, this contributes to the fetishes surrounding our particular race.

WOC of different races are sexualized in a different ways than how Asian women are depicted. For example, compared to other races, Asian women are seen as submissive, ready to cater to a man's sexual desires. Non-Asian men have an unhealthy fascination with Asian women making assumptions that they are submissive in bed and since they are so family orientated and intelligent, there must be some sort of another side that they possess, particularly in bed. The most prominent stigma is that Asian women exist for to satisfy the physical needs of White men and nothing more. Bullshit. We are not here for anyone but ourselves. If you truly believe otherwise then I really worry about you. On the other hand, there is also another talk about Asian women are attracted to White men because they symbolize power and dominance. It's truly sad and disgusting how these particular fetishes revolve around the objectification and devaluation of Asian women. I used to take it as a compliment and feel flattered when a boy would tell me that he had a "thing" for Asian girls., If a boy were to tell me that now, I'd question his motives. Just because I'm Asian, you've got the hots for me? That's nice, but I have so much more to offer than just being an Asian girl. I'm not trying to say that liking an Asian woman is a bad thing, but just how it comes off is just problematic. Realize that "I love Asians" or "Asian girls are hot" are not compliments. It doesn't make me feel any better, just makes me feel like you've grouped me along with the rest of the female Asian race simply because of the fact that I am Asian. Along with the objectification of Asian women, some parts of Asiaphilia borders Infantilization. Often times an Asian (typically Japanese) school girl is sexualized for the entertainment of men, it's seen as erotic-- but quite frankly, it's pedophilia.


Avoid using the term "Oriental". It's a slur. Educate yourself. If you don't know what Oriental means, here's a definition for you: "The man is depicted as feminine, weak, yet strangely dangerous because poses a threat to white, Western women. The woman is both eager to be dominated and strikingly exotic. The Oriental is a single image, a sweeping generalization, a stereotype that crosses countless cultural and national boundaries."

What I'd really love to see is proper Asian representation to counterbalance the incredibly offensive stereotypes that we were labeled with for so long. The stereotypes given to Asians are complete bullshit. Not all of us are good at math, bad drivers, or can't see because of our eyes. I myself am shit at math, a great driver and cannot see because my eyesight is poor (because I decided to stare into the sun too long in the second grade). Asian women are so much more and have so much to offer than what the media portrays us to be capable of. which is either one of two things. Submissive, shy and sex fiends or the crazy mistress who is diverse in different fighting styles. Asian women are so much more than what the media portrays us to be. We have more to offer than false, harmful stereotypes. We are not your submissive, shy, sex fiends. We are not the crazy mistresses who are trying to avenge their husband's death.

This post is meant to raise awareness for the fetishization of Asian women. As an Asian woman, I will not be silenced and will not stand idly by as we continue to be categorized and dehumanized.